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I've been watching the Quinnspiracy Theory videos and the shitstorm to have followed it and I have to say this is probably the most interesting thing that has happened in gaming journalism, ever.  This is because gaming journalism is a fucking joke.  It's not journalism, it's a bunch of blogs and editorialism.  And we long learned ever since the Iraq War, if you ever wanted to get to the truth of anything, avoid editorialism like the plague.  Because you don't get the truth from editorialism, you just get a bunch of assholes who feed off of each other trading shots with the biggest bullshit their imaginations can come up with to make themselves the center of attention.    

And this is what people have been doing while constantly bashing the gaming community with accusations of sexism.  I'm not saying sexism does not exist in gaming, I even commented on it.  But I gave it no more attention than I felt it deserved.  I didn't make an entire career out of it.  When people become one trick ponies where their entire careers revolve around complaining about one thing, they are dependent upon that one thing providing them a career.  And inevitably those people become great big fat frauds, like Anita Sarkeesian, who raised over $100,000 to pay her to do the exact same thing she was already doing for nothing.  Making videos complaining about sexism in video games and the video game community. 

And when someone becomes a one trick pony, literally any person who threatens to take that one trick away becomes a threat.  This includes the people who try to solve the problem.  People like SillySladers who created a group that tried to build video games based solely upon women's input.  This was deliberately doxxed by Zoe Quinn and her boy toy brigade, effectively destroying it.  Why?  Because when you base your career upon complaining about a problem, to keep that career going you deliberately sabotage any efforts you can that actually try to solve that problem, so you can go on making a career out of complaining.

And BTW, I've seen this happen before with feminist movement.  Way back in the 60's and 70's when feminism was gaining traction women formed certain groups aimed particularly at targeting and solving certain problems women faced.  There were many instances where these groups were specifically targeted and shot down by the very same people who made a career out of complaining about these problems.  And they do it for more than just preserving the problem just so they can go on complaining about it.  There's also this protective clique thing going on where they shun outsiders regardless of their intentions.  If you're not part of a certain inner circle then you are not allowed to gain any traction in this world.  And that's exactly what's going on with Zoe Quinn and her boy toy brigade.  Where ever they have influence they use it to silence not just dissention, but also people who may be taking their side but not in a way that props the inner circle up even further. 

When feminism movement began to collapse on itself several people tried to comment that women's worst enemy are other women.  Gloria Steinhem  wrote an entire book about it. Anna Wintour published articles about it.  What happened?  They wound up being attacked for it and were labelled traitors to feminism by people who make careers out of complaining about men.  Men are the problem.  Men are bad.  Men are inherently evil.  There are no solutions, only problems created by men.  Men. Men. Men.  Stray from the drumbeat but a little and you're a traitor to the cause.  And if you actually solve the problem?  You are the world's biggest asshole because instead of certain people making a career out of complaining, now they have to get a real job.

But let's get back to the problem of gaming journalism.  Zoe Quinn is a problem, but not THE problem.  The problem is this is an industry that has no integrity.  It's blatantly corrupt and biased.  This is a world where people like Zoe Quinn and her boy toy briggade can flourish because it is hugely flawed.  And one of the dumbest things it could have done is make careers for people who do nothing but complain and vilify their readers.  People are fed up with their bullshit and there is a desperate need for reform.  And when you reform, the people who helped perpetuate the problem get their sorry asses kicked to the curb. 

But it's not just gaming journalism that desperately needs reform.  It's journalism in general.  This is a world were editorialists and bloggers are considered journalists.  News has been trumped by entertainment.  If this is a world were corruption and bias flourish in mainstream news media, of course it's going to affect fringe publications like those in gaming, where the industry is not held up to a microscope for criticism. 


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